“Life Science has the potential to elevate the standard of living on a global scale while Venture Capital can facilitate the corresponding innovation.”

That is the reason why Tjardo chose to join Redalpine. He is passionate about innovation and how advances in different technologies can complement each other to elevate entire sectors as seen with AI and Biotechnology. He believes that the most disruptive changes in this sector are still just in the making.

Tjardo completed a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Heidelberg, where he also worked in academic research. Upon completing his degree, he set out to seek where innovation reaches the masses – and found this place embodied in the startup ecosystem. “I joined Getsafe which was one of the fastest-growing startups in Germany back then”. I wanted to be part of this highly dynamic environment”, he says. He followed up with a stay at Avi Medical in Munich – his first touch point with a MedTech company, which sparked his passion for the topic: “After Avi, I felt, I was going in the right direction. I just had to keep on going!”.
Hence, Tjardo decided to deepen his involvement in management, entrepreneurship, economics, and finance in a master’s program at ETH Zürich. Asked why he then chose to try out Venture Capital he says: “I mean, after having seen the startup perspective, I simply had to complete my view on the ecosystem from the opposite side of the table”.

In his spare time, Tjardo is particularly passionate about making music. He plays the piano and the guitar and likes collaborating with friends in small jam sessions. In addition, he finds balance in several sports like race biking and callisthenics. Finally, to round up a long day, Tjardo likes to invite friends to try recipes from all over the world.