Reto Stebler

“Being on the pulse of new visions & trends and helping to support them excites me”.

For Reto, working in the venture capital industry means witnessing the cutting edge of new ideas and trends. He enjoys seeing innovative companies grow while supporting the team’s vision and appreciates contributing to such an exciting and fast-paced industry.

As Head of Finance, Deputy CFO of Redalpine, Reto is responsible for all financial matters of Redalpine and its funds. He further deals with regulatory, legal and investor relations.

Reto holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Corporate Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Accounting & Controlling. While completing his degrees, he was also working full-time. Before joining Redalpine, Reto worked in Private Equity, Fintech and other industries, where he gained deep expertise in finance, HR, legal and administration.

In his free time Reto enjoys spending time with family & friends, doing sports, travelling and being in the nature.