“My definition of capital? Leverage! Leverage to enable disruptive innovation, nurture progress and create real impact. The good thing about leverage? It requires discipline and significant ambition to live up to the responsibility it brings with it, in order to provide meaningful value for society”

Every day, Rafael is putting himself into the shoes of our founders and entrepreneurs, sharing their very same mindset. He loves to present Redalpine’s USP, showcasing our edge and articulating our vision. His goal is to win likeminded investors, who enable us to bring our mission to life; empowering game changers who feel the force

Before joining Redalpine, Rafael worked for leading global players in the areas of investment banking, wealth- and investment management as well as consulting, dedicating his time developing long-lasting client relationships. Apart from that, he was acting as social entrepreneur coach for early stage companies. “People, finance and entrepreneurship, those are the three things in particular, I am highly passionate about. Leading Redalpine’s investor relations- and fundraising efforts allows me to combine my personal triangle perfectly – which is where the magic happens.”

Rafael studied finance and management with a focus on entrepreneurship & innovation, in Vienna, Copenhagen, London, Luxembourg as well as Singapore. He holds an MSc in international business and a postgraduate master degree in finance & wealth management, graduating top of his class. He is also a Financial Data Professional (FDP) charter holder and a certified wealth management advisor (CWMA).

In summer time, he enjoys playing tennis and assuming the role of a “Wanderpapa”. In winter time, he likes to go freeriding as much as possible. In between, he is a lifelong student of economic history, a vivid coffee lover and a trained barista.