Nadine Geiser

“I want to bring great ideas to life!”

Nadine studied biotechnology in Munich and Singapore before completing a PhD at ETH Zurich. She worked in Amsterdam for a corporate venture firm and in the equity research department of an investment bank in Zurich before ultimately joining Redalpine.

“Working on my Ph.D., one question became more and more imminent to me,” she says: “How can I help make innovations quickly move from research to the market and improve the life of patients and our society?” She is convinced: “In the end, venture capital is about the right people. Bright minds with great visions drive innovation. They completely change our world. The companies that we work with constantly challenge themselves and their beliefs. It’s amazing to work in this environment.

I want to provide the exceptional support needed to make the entrepreneur’s vision come to life and be a success!” When she is not at the office she loves to ski, windsurf and travel.