Lukas is excited about the potential of AI to disrupt every niche of our society, revolutionizing the way we interact with technology and diagnose diseases.

With Redalpine’s unique expertise in technology and life sciences, Lukas is excited to empower AI-enabled startups as part of the investment team in Berlin and Zurich.

Before joining the team at Redalpine, Lukas interned as a product manager at Google, working with engineers and designers on finding new ways to monetize YouTube’s search engine. He has also worked as a freelance Machine Learning consultant for a Swiss telecommunications company and experienced life at McKinsey, working on engagements in TMT and healthcare strategy.

Lukas is currently wrapping up his Master studies in Computer Science at Stanford University where he spent the last year in AI research, focusing on large language models and the robustness of computer vision models. Because of his interest in AI-enabled healthtech companies, Lukas has also advised the non-profit startup Virufy on developing AI models for Covid diagnostics. During his studies, Lukas was closely involved with the Bay Area’s startup and VC ecosystem, building a consumer app for campus life and by serving as a VP for Stanford’s entrepreneurship club. In his free time, Lukas loves going skiing, surfing, playing basketball, and exploring the city in search of the best cup of coffee.