“Accept each challenge with curiosity and seek creative solutions”

“After being exposed to entrepreneurship from the startup perspective, Julia was eager to see the ecosystem from the VC side, and Redalpine was just the right place to do so. “For me, working in Venture Capital represents a unique opportunity to meet ambitious and enthusiastic founders, reflect on different business models and dive deep into various spaces and topics. What makes Redalpine so special for me is the team of highly professional experts who truly care about what they are doing and from whom I can learn a lot”.

Julia studied Communication Science at LMU and Consumer Science at TU in Munich and is an active member of the Center of Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). Before joining Redalpine, Julia gained hands-on experience as a product manager at a Munich-based startup sento.

Outside of work Julia is a big fan of different media formats and arts and makes her own podcast. In her free time, Julia enjoys dancing, reading, and watching classic movies.