“As a founder turned investor, working at Redalpine provides me with a unique opportunity to support visionaries who are pushing the frontiers of innovation in health and biotech.”

Prior to Redalpine, Inna co-founded Mable, a genomics-powered telehealth clinic for migraine care in the US, backed by Y Combinator, Illumina Inc and Initialized Capital. Having gone through the full start-up life cycle from inception, regulatory approval and launch to acquisition in 2023, Inna is now closely working with founders globally to develop G2M, reimbursement and growth strategies.

When not working with entrepreneurs, Inna is a Fellow at the University of Oxford, developing novel phenotype algorithms to support businesses in delivering more cost-efficient clinical trials. Prior to this, Inna worked in consulting, covering health financing and market access. Inna holds a PhD in Health Economics from the University of Oxford, an MSc in Health Economics and Policy from the London School of Economics, and a BA(Hons) in Economics and Law from the American University of Paris.

For a change of pace, Inna enjoys travel, sports and art.