Daniel Dillinger

“The missing mindset for digitalization in healthcare brought me to venture capital.”

Life sciences, digital health, medtech, biotech – these are industries that receive large funding of venture capital –  and in the end, have an impact on the health status of millions of patients. Therefore, reviewing new emerging technologies in these fields from a clinical perspective is inevitable. That’s why Daniel with his medical background is an Investment Manager at Redalpine.

Daniel also likes to think more business-minded: “During my medical studies at University Hospital of Zurich, it often bothered me that economic aspects of certain decisions were not enough taken into account,” he says. “At Redalpine, however, I am now at the intersection between science, healthcare, and business.” He started dealing with startups early on. “When you think about what’s preventing innovation in healthcare today, you quickly realize that the existing mindset of established healthcare players and lack of digitalization are major reasons. To me, it is clear that disruptive changes will only come from new players in the industry” Here, of course, healthtech startups play a key role to drive this development. New technologies and products are going to change the daily work of physicians fundamentally; new treatment methods are going to revolutionize medicine. “And that’s what drives me: finding companies that explore the borders of what is possible, today and tomorrow.”

For him it’s clear: ” With my current job, I have an impact on many more patients than I would have ever had as a practicing physician” The only drawback is that the job involves a lot of desk work in front of the computer, again, like in the hospital, he laughs: “That’s why I do plenty of sports in my time off. And I also like to be out with friends!”