“Digitalization plays a huge role in making a client’s experience as easy as possible.”

Brendan has 4+ years of private banking experience within Switzerland. His career started at UBS Switzerland AG where he learned the ins & outs of private banking and most importantly, how to offer a seamless client experience. He then moved to SEBA Bank AG where his interest in blockchain technology was turned into a passion of his. At SEBA, Brendan was able to apply his gained knowledge at UBS into a faster start up environment. Acting as the lead relationship manager for Asian domiciled clients, Brendan helped SEBA in growing their footprint into the Asian market where the company currently has offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Brendan joins Redalpine looking to elevate the client experience to the next level.

In his spare time, Brendan likes to travel and finds it refreshing to interact with new cultures and explore new places. Outside of the office, Brendan enjoys training kickboxing and learning new disciplines within the combat sports world. Lastly, Brendan likes to indulge in a good book to briefly escape the technological demands of today’s society.