Apolonio Huerta

“It is humbling to be able to help the next-generation of innovators in changing the world for the better.”

Apolonio studied in California and Germany and completed his Ph.D. at ETH Zurich prior to starting as a HealthTech Fellow at Redalpine. During his time in academic research, he was always driven by translational topics with the potential to bring about transformative and tangible improvements to the world. This motivated him to participate in entrepreneurship training programs throughout his career and ultimately enter the world of venture capital upon completing his Ph.D. “Within VC I have the unique and exciting opportunity to support entrepreneurs in making their visions for the future a reality.” At Redalpine, Apolonio merges his scientific and business training in supporting promising HealthTech, AgTech, and FoodTech start-ups.

When not in the office you might find Apolonio running through the city, hiking/skiing in the beautiful Swiss Alps, or enjoying a night of Karaoke with friends.