“Blockchain has the power to make our world a better place – but we need ambitious founders to accelerate its adoption.”

People are constantly looking for the „next big thing”. “Blockchain technology provides undeniable humanitarian benefits – helps restore data control, as well as increases transparency and security across all industries. Thus I am keen to meet and support ambitious founders who dare to be bold and build the foundations of the next evolution of the internet.” She believes Redalpine provides the suitable place to ultimately make a difference, as they are investing in disruptive technologies and are backed by a diverse team of experts.

Anna also takes an integral part in the crypto ecosystem in Berlin, and tries to connect  like-minded individuals through organizing meetups and events. “Community comes first in web3. It’s truly inspiring to see people from all over the world coming together to innovate the space and create an inclusive space where everyone supports each other.”

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Anna has finished her Bachelors in Vienna, where she got exposure both to the corporate as well as startup world. Then she completed her Master degree Entrepreneurship and Innovation at ESADE business school, graduated among the top of the class and received scholarship for her academic performance. She accumulated operational experience through working as Founder Associate at different early stage ventures. Before joining Redalpine, she was working for the pre-seed investor and venture studio, Atlantic Food Labs, and focused mostly on food, climate and healthtech.