“Working in the venture capital industry means for me, to be at the forefront of new trends and to have the ability to see companies growing from a first idea to a fully established company. To help our planet to turn greener again, it is worth to invest in companies with this aim, especially within new industries such as renewable energy or alternative food. This is why I think, Venture Capital branch is so important and where many people as a group, even with small investments, can make a difference.”

Andrea started her working career after her apprenticeship, in the private equity sector by serendipity and gained working experience in the Fund Administration and Finance team for more than 10 years. After a side trip in other industries, she is now delighted to be back in a venture capital firm as a Fund Controller.

In her free time, Andrea enjoys to spend time with her family and friends or going after her hobbies such as gardening, cooking or baking a cake.