Aleks Laska

“People are the foundation for any company’s success.”

Venture Capital means exposure to the most cutting-edge technologies, creative problem solving, and ambitious teams right from the inception of an idea through to its growth into a viable business. Being part of that journey across a vast array of industries is what excites Aleks about it the most.

Aleks started her career at Goldman Sachs, where she brought to market an electronic trading platform. She has since spent the last seven years exposed to tech in various roles. As a founder, she launched a mobile payments platform followed by investing as a VC and angel. Since then, she built the corporate business for Improbable, now a unicorn that raised over $600m in funding. Before joining Redalpine, she helped Auterion, a multi-million dollar robotics software company, expand into the US market.

In her free time, Aleks likes to travel to exotic places and mentor early-stage founders.