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SpaceX re-imagines the accessibility of space with its launch vehicles and uses this technology to enable further projects such as Starlink – satellite-based internet and telecommunication services.

Founded in 2002 by its well-known visionary and CEO Elon Musk it has so far significantly reduced the cost for payload into orbit by utilizing reusable booster rockets. SpaceX even trumped these achievements by successfully bringing humans to the ISS in 2020, as the first private company. It now develops Starship which aims to broaden the launch vehicle business from orbital deliveries to interplanetary rides.

One of the most exciting projects is Starlink. It is a satellite constellation aiming to bring broadband internet connection to even remote places in the world. This has the potential to provide currently underserved people with internet services, driving the next wave of innovation. Moreover, these satellites have the capability to run further telecommunication services (e.g. mobile phone connection), which opens up the opportunity to become a multinational telco provider.